About Us

About Us

Discover Dunster brand name of The Dunster Tourism Forum, the official representative of the independent businesses in the parish of Dunster. 

Thanks to a Somerset West and Taunton Council and HM Government Recovery Grant made in 2020, the Dunster Tourism Forum was able to undertake a number of landmark marketing activities to increase the visibility of the village online and across digital media. The terms of this funding have provided for:

  • This website
  • Sponsored advertising on digital platforms, including Facebook, Instagram and Twitter
  • A live streaming High Street webcam 
  • Various banner advertisements in key local locations
  • A contribution to the upkeep of the village gardens

The above is overseen by the Dunster Recovery Working Group, which is an official working group, affiliated to Dunster Parish Council.

At the end of the contract period, these marketing devices will be managed as assets of the Parish Council by the Dunster Tourism Forum. At the end of the contract period 31 December 2021, these marketing assets will be managed as assets of the Parish Council by the Dunster Tourism Forum.

If you are a local business, please follow the Adding or Altering to Business Listings process for amending your listing. We apologise if your business or attraction has not been listed on the first iteration of this website, so please follow this process for adding a new listing too.

For official enquiries, please contact the Clerk of Dunster Parish Council via Email or the official Parish website:

For marketing and media enquiries, please contact David Oxendale via email:

For GDPR enquiries, contact:

The Discover Dunster website is designed and maintained by Radius Web Design of Cheltenham. Further information can be found here:

Discover Dunster’s official photographer is Dale Cherry. Most photographs on the page are by Dale Cherry and are Copyright 2021, All Rights Reserved, Dale Cherry Photography. More details can be found here:

The Live Streaming Webcam is provided by CamSecure Limited. Please note that the webcam is not recorded and is provided as an entertainment device only. Further details can be found here:

The Discover Dunster branding was funded by the COOL tourism project, an Interreg IVA France (Channel) – England European cross-border co-operation programme and co-financed by ERDF.