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Dunster Museum

Discover the amazing story of this beautiful village and travel through time from it’s foundation 3,000 years ago to the present at Dunster's new Museum.

See some fantastic finds that the Museum has collected, such as an intact Medieval tile dug up when Robin was doing some double digging in his veg patch in Park Street and the spectacular Roman pots Phil found at the Beach! 

  The Hardwick Gallery was recently renamed by Tim Taylor from Time Team Dig Village, at the launch of their Interim Report on their archaeological investigations into Dunster, after Martin Harborne. Martin was the driving force behind the new mezzanine for the doll collection which enabled us to build a new Museum documenting the history of Dunster. See the launch video of the report here and some sneak peeks of the Museum exhibition.

Doll Collection

The unique doll collection, the largest outside the V&A, was started by Mrs Mollie Hardwick in her Dunster cottage in 1957. Failing health had prevented her from getting about or travelling abroad, so the world and its dolls came to her as relatives and friends collected them on their travels.

  The Dolls Collection opened in 1971 and since then many more dolls have been added. There are now thousands of dolls spanning different time eras, cultures and manufacturers. There are Artists’ and Fashion Dolls and a unique collection of 20 “Sasha” Dolls in 1913 period dress, and the Bristol Red Cross Dolls. The collection is always growing so there are likely to be many new additions and faces if you have been before!

Dunster Museum and Doll Collection

DM snooker DM ctte room

Dunster Memorial Hall

Since 1921, Dunster Memorial Hall has been at the centre of village life. Given to the village by Alexander Luttrell for meetings, activities, parties, & events in remembrance of those from the village who served and those who lost their lives in the First World War. It was the prime meeting place for villagers and it has served the community well for many years. It now houses the new Dunster Museum, a large Doll Collection (the largest outside the V&A), a Snooker Room and other community facilites.

  The Memorial Hall is situated in the High Street near the Yarn Market. It is open

11-3pm most days between April and October. It is entirely run by volunteers.

Community facilities

The Memorial Hall also offers a range of community facilities, including:

- a large committee room for meetings, parties etc with kitchen facilities

- spaces for local arts and crafts exhibitions

- a recently refurbished Victorian Snooker Room

- free wi-fi

- a kitchen and accessible toilet

- ATM facility in the front of the building

Call 01643 821493 if you are interested in hiring any of these facilities.

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